Money Pipe is registered in England as a limited liability company. Incorporated in April 2009, we are relatively new but committed to grow and in the process give our customers a fantastic service that they will struggle to find elsewhere.

A small dedicated team based in Brighton (East Sussex) is responsible for all our UK operations.

An equally dedicated team is based in Brusubi, The Gambia, handling our operations in the country.

The relatively small teams dealing with you as a customer allow us to communicate and serve you in a hassle-free, relaxed and personal level but with the professionalism you would expect from the best in the business.



  • We are a company owned and run and by an Anglo-Gambian family, with vast experience and local knowledge of The Gambia and The United Kingdom.
  • We have the tools, contacts and above all required experience to deal with all your needs to safely handle the movement of your goods, at the most reasonable price.
  • Having been in business, for a number of years, we are proven and have the resources to handle all your requirements, however simple or complex, they may be.
  • We have a number of satisfied customers, who will be happy to recommend us; see our face book page or speak to people who have used us, before you make a booking.

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